Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day 8

The family got up late (as DD and I didn't get back to the hotel until about 2AM) and went back to Animal Kingdom. Let's just say that Animal Kingdom was a Zoo!! (Yes, pun intended) We went for two reasons. 1) to ride Expedition Everest -- A super cool, super fast Rollercoaster based upon Mount Everest and the legend of the Yeti - and 2) to get Mickey's autograph and picture. We got there around noon and didn't leave until 5PM!! ....we opted to stay for dinner too but holy cow!! The park was busy!! Fast Passes for Expedition Everest apparently ran out for the day at 9AM. It was standing line only and we waited for 2 1/2 hours!! It was worth it but holy cow!! I can't emphasize enough that this week is the BUSIEST week at Disney -- and about the importance of FastPass!!

Anyway, I am glad we went. DD really wanted to go on that ride and now she can say she "tamed the beast!". LOL

From Animal Kingdom we caught the bus to take us over to MGM. By this time it was pouring rain again. At least the rain only lasted about 45 mins and after the big downpour it was pretty much sprinkling -- not too bad at all.

At MGM we went to the ABC Soundstage for the Drew Carey Sound Studio Show (to get out of the rain). We then went to the Muppets 3D Show, rode Star Tours (Star Wars Flight Simulator ride), and took in the Little Mermaid Show too. From there we went to Disney's Animation Studio where we learned about what goes into creating an animated feature. The best part of this area was the art lessons!! One of their animators (or cast members taught to draw LOL) took you through a 10 minute lesson on how to draw some of the Disney Characters. DD loved it so much she didn't want to ride the Tower of Terror (good thing as I certainly wasn't doing that one with her and neither was DH) she wanted to come back and draw some more characters after dinner (We had late dinner reservations in the park). We drew Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and "Angry Donald" Can't wait to scan them for you all to see. Both DD and DH did a GREAT job!!

Our dinner reservations were at the Sci-Fi Drive In Theatre Restaurant. If you haven't heard of this place I encourage you to check it out) The restaurant is set up like an ol' time drive in theatre. A host/ess "parks" you in a car for your meal. (S/he is on roller skates of course). Inside all the cars are arranged around the Big Theatre Screen. You sit in rows (each car holds 6 people -- two in each row) order your food and watch old Sci Fi movie trailers and theatre commercials - you know, like the ones in Grease with the dancing Hot Dogs, etc. Very fun place to eat. I highly recommend it! I did take a picture but because of the lighting, etc in the restaurant it didn't turn out. Maybe there is something on the Disney Website. Just found the link. Here it is: Disney's Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre

....The adventure continues....

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