Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vacation Planning in High Gear

As many of you know, My DH, DD and I are driving to Disney on the 22nd to spend Christmas - New Years at the Disney Resort. I don't know who is more excited- Me or my 10 year old!! I am currently planning our drive back. We decided to take the week and make a couple of stops along the way. I have never been through the Carolinas (and have always wanted to) so... I have planning our I95 route back home to Ontario.

So here I am online with a trusted tour book at my side and I see an ad for the Kennedy Space Center. I didn't realize that it is only 45 minutes from Orlando!! Holy Cow! The Geek in me immediately called DH and asked if he was interested in making that our first stop. The answer was YES!!! Of course!! So.... We are going! I can't wait!!

My Favourite movie as a kid was "Space Camp" -- A movie about a bunch of kids at a summer camp program held at Kennedy. They learn the ropes of becoming astronauts and (fantastically) end up in space. I dreamt of being one of those kids and being there myself. So, here I am, 34, and re-living one of my childhood dreams. (I'm getting "Goose Pimples" just thinking about it!)

From Kennedy we will be driving to Charleston - AKA Childhood Fantasy #2. As a teen I was a BIG reader... Of young adult historical romance novels to boot!! LOL -- Who would have thought!?! (you are certainly getting an inside look at my life, aren't you?) Anyway, one of my Favourite Novels took place before and during the Civil War in Charleston. I remember being fascinated with the described sights and sounds of "the south" -- Rainbow Road, the Harbour, and specifically the plantations (the heroine lived in a plantation just outside of Charleston). I loved reading about the era - in all its glory and shame trying to picture what it was like, how I would have felt, what I would have done, etc. So, here I am, back online, and what do I find?? The oldest working plantation just outside of Charleston has a living museum, tours and public access!! I guess I don't have to tell you what we will be doing while we are there! Yahoo! It's a good thing that DD is a history nut. She is looking forward to it as well.

I could go on but this post is getting pretty long. :) I will post pics of our journey for you all to see.... And I can't wait to scrap it when I return.

Until the next post....


Gaspegirl said...

Ok, now you have me wanted to start surfing and coming up with solid travel plans for March ;) I think I will wait, hear and see how your trip went and maybe make a few stops that I was not expecting! Have a lot of fun and thanks for sharing!

Rosanne said...

Sounds great Karen!We stopped in Charleston on the way back from Florida once and I loved it!

Have a great vacation and Christmas!