Friday, December 22, 2006

DAY 1 - And We're Off

DAY 1 - So today was the big day!! We are off to Florida!!!
We got up at 3:15AM and were out the door by 4AM and heading south!

The drive was okay.... We came in and out of rain but nothing too heavy to make it dangerous. The only difficult part of the trip was getting through OHIO!! ARGH!! What a long boring trip through that State! I remembered from when I drove it the last time but Holy Moly!! I am so glad we are coming back a different way!! :)

DD had a GREAT time playing her "Dream Life" game she got last weekend for Christmas and watching Superman Returns too!! Gotta Love In-Car DVD systems!! :) It certainly made the trip enjoyable for her -- and DH too! He was "requested" to join her in the back to play Dream Life and be her "movie date". LOL... Poor guy!! :)

I must say, I forgot how beautiful Kentucky and the Smokey Mountains are!! I caught myself pulling "a Bob" (my father, for those who don't know) -- "Hey DD!! Look at the mountains!!" "Hey DD, isn't that pretty!!" "Hey DD, check out that view!" LOL My dad would be proud, I'm sure!

So now we are in Knoxville for the night. So glad the hotel had free internet so I could post this!!

DD saw a brochure for a Civil War reenactment in Chattanooga and she is interested in going tomorrow.... So, I think a stop is in order :) Yahoo!! Right up my alley! She is excited about it.... "Kinda like what that girl's father from Sweet Home Alabama did in the movie Mama! I would like to see that!" Very cute. Must take pics!! I hope it's not raining!! :)

....and the trip continues.....

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