Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swimming blissfully.....

because the new Character Constructions stamps "She Sells Seashells" arrived in the studio today!! Yippeeeeee!!!

Take a look at the new MERMAID (ahem, and mermen) stamp sets I brought in! I think I NEED to play!!10, 000 Leagues of ideas are rushing through my head! -- I wondered what that "swishing" was! hehehe....
My Event Banners arrived in the studio today too! VERY EXCITING! Amy and I put them up in the front windows I'll take pics tomorrow in the "light"of day tomorrow and post them here for you.
AND.... My watercolours, charcoal pencils and Micron Pen order arrived today too!! Yes, it was an exciting day in the studio!!!! Hope you had a creative day!

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