Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Banners....

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I received my event banners in the mail.

Well, I wasn't kidding. *smile* Amy and I hung the Mixed Minded and Donna Downey Workshop banners in the windows and they are creating some attention -- YAY! That's what they're there for long as people are still watching the road on Lancaster..... *cringe*

Here's how they look:
I picked up a HUGE floor mounted 6' Banner to use at the show too. (the one on the left is 5', I think)

Whatcha think?? ...sorry about the glare.... I neglected to take this photo earlier and now it's dusk and not ideal picture taking conditions :) But me thinks you get the idea! *grin*

1 comment:

Laura Haviland said...

Karen the new Banners are screaming "awesome" Girlfriend !!
LOVE THEM...Fabulous truly.
Hugs,Laura. xoxxx