Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catalina Island.....

Sooooo pretty!
I loved walking around Catalina Island. It's what I imagine a small Mediterranean village to be like - especially with all the artful fired clay adornments on every building, bench and walkway -- check this out!

Some fabulous art pieces too - and quaint little boutiques and galleries. I even spoke to an artist that is bringing back the stone tile art that adorns the village. Meet Robin:

Gotta love meeting creative people. Art is everyone. Inspiration is everywhere.
Now go - create art!


Regan said...

Looks awesome..I am jealous!

Artyjen said...

Love the signs and the Have a fab time.
xoxo Sioux

Anonymous said...

love the tiles ... awesome ... so pretty! glad you're having a wonderful time - you deserve it! j