Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well, Jen and I made it to LA..... Here we are getting all giddy at Santa Monica Pier - YAY~~ I finally, after all my travels, have seen the Pacific Ocean - and even dipped my tootsies in it! Hurray!
Love this pier!!! and the Mexican Restaurant at the end of it. Delish food and fantastic Margaritas!!! Wonderful atmosphere complete with Mariachi Band.... and who can beat the view?
So, how's the weather in Canada? *smile*

Just a Reminder that I am not in Kitchener (like you needed more proof :) ) so... the studio is closed until I return next week.

What's on my agenda tomorrow? Drinks on the Lido deck served by some guy named Issac -- well, you never know!

Stay warm!!


nancy said...

enjoy as much as you can, we are having a deep freeze back home!!!

Carmi said...

-20 this morning girlfriend! Save some sun for me!

Kendall (aka Mindy's friend Stacy) said...

Dude, seriously? *I'm* in California right now! I'm here visiting my boyfriend in San Francisco. Wouldn't it be hilarious if we ran into each other in a restaurant?

Have a wonderful holiday--you've earned it! :)

Sue said...

Have a FUNTASTIC time!!!

Laura Haviland said...

You go girlfriend,make some awesome memories.
It is so cold here,brrr. hahaha
Enjoy every moment, so thrilled for you.
Hugs,Laura. xoxx