Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Feet Feel Like Dancing ... part deux

Well, the Roosters were crowing, the meatballs were spicy and yep -- my feet felt like dancing!! LOL

If you read about or were at our Nottawasaga Retreat in February you'd know what I mean. I got out the prompts and we had a little fun in the studio last night with our super duper crop co-host Lisa Furtney from Scrapfest! Yes Kim, I got the dancing one!! ..... and I feel your pain LOL My prompt was anytime someone stood up I had to stand up and exclaim - "My feet feel like dancing...." and I, taking a cue from Kim, did a little jig too and here it is caught on "film". Now, if this shows up as an entry in the Layout Contest at Scrapfest this year I will know there is a conspiracy! LOL at least I'm not dressed as Elvis in his signature white one piece jumpsuit! oy vey! lol... I digress...

Thanks for a fabulously fun evening ladies -- I LOVED having you all in the studio creating away! I got a call from one of you this morning saying how nice it is to go to a place where you feel comfortable doing your own crafty thing. Recently she has been to "crops" at my studio where people have created ATCs, worked on canvas, created cards, coloured with their Copics, and yes, scrapbooked too. She just liked the fact that it all happens in the same space and we all feel comfortable doing it!! Thanks babe... I'm so happy you feel that way!! That's what I want people to feel when they come to the studio: comfortable to be creative on your own terms in this shared space. HUGS!

See you all at SCRAPFEST next weekend!! and thanks again Lisa!! Can't wait!!


Kelly said...

It was a fun night! I'm glad I decided to join the fun.

Karen Ellis said...

Absolutely lady!! Glad you joined us too!