Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looky Looky....

What was in the KW Record this Tuesday.
Yes, this is me... in my glory ... standing at the studio door by my trusty Block Parent Business sign. Did you see it?
Besides some obvious editing errors (my name is Karen, not Kim -- I was called both) and a few other grammatically incorrect things that spell checker missed.... IT WAS A FABULOUS ARTICLE for a fabulous organization.

My dear friend Scrubbie ( I know some of you out there read his blog ) just happens to be the president of the Waterloo Region Block Parent group (I hope I got the title right). He and a new crop of energetic volunteers are trying to give the local BP program new lease on life. As a result, Block Parents are becoming a little more "visible" every week and I hope that, in time, this organization thrives once again!!

Are you a Block Parent? Is there one on your street? How about a local business? Yes, I am a Business Block Parent. Essentially it means that while my studio is open people in trouble, who are lost or otherwise need assistance (hey, maybe this is why people choose to ask me and not my plaza neighbours for driving directions all the time! And here I thought it was my welcoming nature and winning smile! *wink* LOL) can come into the shop and ask me for help. Notice I said people, not kids.... It is becoming apparent that adults, SENIORS especially, are also using the program -- it's logo is a recognisable symbol for assistance... Makes sense to me. I haven't had anyone come into the studio for help as a result of the sign in my door -- but I'm there if they need me and that's what matters.

Anyway... just thought I'd share the photo and my thoughts... :)

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