Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Hello Bloggers!
I hope you had a great Halloween Weekend!! I know I did! :) .... lots of "making memories!"

It's Tuesday and time for our "Ask Karen" segment.

I had a question about UTEE -- "What is it and how do you use it?" Well -- talk about a loaded question!! I'll start by telling you what it is and then I will set you free with a bunch of links to get those creative juices flowing!!

UTEE stands for Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel -- It a thick, granular version of embossing powder that can be melted a couple of ways - in a melting pot, in an oven, or with a heat gun.

Unlike regular fine embossing powder, UTEE does not raise an image -- it coats it. Therefore it is not meant for outlining fine detail. You can pour it into a mold to create your own personalized embellishments, stamp into it to create fun effects, you can crack it for a broken glass look - it's all good.
Enjoy! If you have any specific questions about UTEE let me know.
The studio carries the clear, metallic and brightz powders, super quiet heat guns, melting pots and accessories. I have them all available to use in the studio as well.... come on by for an in house demo or class. I'd love to create one for you if you would like to learn more.

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Ivan said...

Hi Karen! What gorgeous work! I've never worked in UTEE before, only resin, but wondered what kind of releasing agent you use? I'm very ecxited about UTEE and am going to order some today! Katy