Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Christmas in the Studio...

YIKES!! Is it that time already?
Time to be thinking about decorating for the upcoming season?

Yep! Well, I've started. I figured since we will be creating Christmas Cards in the Studio tomorrow we should create them in a festive environment! hehe Looking forward to seeing the girls tomorrow and next week too! It's going to be a fantastic Card Workshop (aka cookout :) ) See you tomorrow ladies!

I realized yesterday when I went to make a blog entry that I didn't take any photos of the Dollar Store Club Wednesday night! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! So sorry... it was a Great night too! All 8 ladies came to the studio with projects in hand -- all as unique as the people creating them! Truly inspiring! Loved how you used the leaves ladies!!

I did teach a technique Wednesday night -- as always. This month I showed the girls the technique I posted earlier on the blog: using Crafter's Workshop templates to emboss on Sticky-Back Canvas! Love this technique! The card to the left is what we created with the embossed canvas and a fall pattern paper from My Little Yellow Bicycle. I am loving Stick Pins and wanted to incorporate them in this project -- I don't know -- seemed fabric-like canvas would make a great plush pin cushion?? Am I wrong? hehe
If you like fancy stick pins as much as I... you will love In A Pinch Design's Friday Flick today. All about creating your own fun pins. Love the flick, Sher ... and .... you're right! "Why didn't I think of that?" *smile*
Anyway, we had a great time and I can't wait until next month -- Christmas Items. The nexgt meeting will be the first Wednesday of December! See you there!

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Sheri said...

The windows look great Karen! Great job making it merry!!