Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Sushi Saturday!

What's Sushi Saturday you ask?

I have a couple girls that like to join me in the studio on Saturdays to crop and create art.... and we always order Sushi for lunch. It's becoming it's own little entity! Super fun and I look forward to it every month. Anyone else want to join us in a bowl of Ramon Noodles? :)

umm umm good!

I had a great time in the studio last night. I had three more girls in doing the Graphic 45 Christmas Card Workshop and a cropper creating a fabulous "wing" mini-book. You ladies were a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting you here again last night! The perfect way to spend a Friday evening.. and I left inspired too!! Speaking of inspired.....

As a result of last night's festivities.... I will be getting out the Melting Pots on Tuesday!! One of the girls wanted to try canvas art with beeswax. Something I love to do and can't wait to show her. If you'd like to join us... let me know by email. Can't make it on Tuesday but would love to learn how to do this too.... Just Ask. That's what's great about the studio -- we are very flexible around here. Love to create with you!

Here's a link to some of the "Melt Art" works I've done in the past year...

Happy Creating!

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Kelly said...

Sorry I missed Sushi Saturday, but I was at the Vancouver Aquarium ;)

I didn't have any sushi when I was out there, but that must be the sushi capital of Canada. I would say every 3rd or 4th store on the street is a sushi restaurant!! You two would be in sushi heaven ;)