Thursday, October 08, 2009

fuzzy spiders, mobiles and wall hangings....

Welcome to the Dollar Store Club!

This month's crafting adventure revolved around Halloween!! The girls were set loose from the studio last month armed with the instructions to create something -- anything -- for Halloween using dollar store items. They could have chosen costumes, decor, anything.....

The ladies got pretty creative. We had 3 mobiles complete with fuzzy spiders, bats, witches and ghosts, an etched candy jar and a couple of wall hangings. It's all good and pretty "bat-acular" :)
I love show and tell!! It's fun seeing how people create,

This is the little loot bag that we created in our mini class after show & tell last night. Sue had mentioned to me that she had never used Alcohol Inks so... I thought we could get those out and create a fun witch hat for the little gal. I think they turned out pretty cute :)

Next month the girls are to create something with "leaves" in it. The leaves can be in a pattern, they can be floral, they can be anything. The only stipulation is they create something with leaves on it and use at least one dollar store item. Can't wait to see what they create!!

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Tracey said...

Dollar Store Club always looks like such fun!! Awesome projects!!