Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Ask Karen" ... image transferring

I'm a little late with the Ask Karen today... sorry about that. I was creating it!
I got back from a nice Thanksgiving weekend and set out to create a mini tutorial for today's "Ask Karen" question: What's the easiest way to do an image transfer?

I know there are various methods floating around out there... some are easier than others. I personally have never been able to get the "packing tape" transfer to work properly so I don't use it in my artwork -- what I do use, however, is Matte Medium.
Matte Medium is fabulous -- and versatile. You can transfer images on a variety of surfaces while using it. For the purposes of this tutorial, I used Sticky-back Canvas.

Choose your image. I chose this fun photo from a stamping ad in one of my favourite magazines. Magazine images transfer VERY well... as do any photocopied images. Whatever image you choose make sure it is toner based. An ink-jet image won't do... take your favourite photo to a copy place and photocopy it before use.

With a paintbrush, apply a generous layer of Matte Medium to the surface of the canvas and to the entire surface of your image. Place it face side down on the canvas and rub in place making sure the entire image is stuck to the surface without bubble areas.

Let Dry -- Take a heat gun to it to speed along the process if you like.

Once dry... wet your finger or spritz the image with a little bit of water. NOT TOO MUCH... just enough to wet your finger to loosen the pulp. Rub lightly in a circular motion. The paper pulp with loosen and rub away from the image that remains. Be patient!! a light hand prevails. Rub too hard or too vigorously and you risk removing the image below.

Once the pulp is removed... I like to seal the image with a coating of Matte Medium. It dry clear with a matte finish! :)

Once the image is dry... zap it with the heat gun again if you like....

get out your paints!! You can spruce it up with paints, inks.. whatever you like. Have fun embellishing.
I made my canvas image into a card embellishment. Whatcha think??
I'll be offering a image transfer in the studio soon. Email me if you're interested! :)

Question 2: Diane emailed and asked how she can adhere glitter to a stamped image.
There is a GLUE PAD out there. That would be the easiest way to do that. Apply the glue just like any other stamp ink, stamp your image and then sprinkle the glitter on it. Pour the excess glitter onto a scratch sheet to save it for another project and "voila"... one glitter image.

You need to make sure the GLUE PAD is good and juicy for this to work AND that you are stamping on a firm surface to ensure a nice evenly stamped image. I might be inclined to spray the glittered image with a spray fixative... but that may not be necessary or even work depending on the fineness if the glitter. For best results -- try using on glossy paper.
I haven't played with this in a while... you're inspiring me to get out the glitter! :)

Thanks ladies!! Bring on the questions... I will answer more next Tuesday on "Ask Karen" !! hehe

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