Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mixing Paint and other wonders....

Hello Bloggers!
I'm typing this blog post on my brand new (duct tape free) computer. Ahhhhh, glorious!
I can't believe the ease at which I am typing, uploading and well, playing !! Hurray!!! Wonders never cease. My 5 year old laptop just wasn't cutting it anymore - poor thing. I made the leap and voila. Computer heaven!

I haven't had the opportunity to make a blog post since the last card cookout.
Thank you ladies for joining me on Saturday for the cookout and a little sushi and cropping afterwards. I really enjoyed my day. The ladies seemed to have fun with the inks and templates -- I loved how their cards turned out. They each got 8 cards completed (2 of every card). I hope you and the people you send them to enjoy!!!

I went to the wholesalers yesterday (the studio day off) to pick up some more Distress Re-Inkers and some more Studio Paints .. and some more Archival Inks ....and a couple of things that I needed to pick up for my Peterborough Retreat Classes..... It's all good!!

We currently have an "Everything Tim Holtz Sale" happening in the studio until the end of the month (everything with Tim's name on it is 15% off until September 30) but I have been getting some questions about Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paints lately so I wanted to create a post for you about them.

First let me say I love these paints. They are a smooth, creamy texture and very highly pigmented -- which is fabulous. Even more fabulous, Claudine's paints are transparent paints -- transparent in that they are not chalky so you can mix them together to create some VERY cool colours. Here's a youTube tutorial Claudine made that talks all about mixing her paints.

In this tutorial she talks about mixing her 15 Studio colours to make 51 different ones... Here's the link to the page on her website where you can download the mixing instructions... OR, you are welcome to come into the studio and pick one up here. I have a few pre-printed for you.

I mentioned that I picked up more paints..... I have the colours here. They are $6.99/jar...... How many colours can you create???

Have fun playing!!

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