Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yes, they are here and open for Registrations!!!
Our Annual Retreats at the Nottawasaga Resort and the Festival Inn!!!

I have some fun things planned for these beloved retreats!!! Are you ready to hear the themes??

The theme for the Nottawasaga is:
Yep -- Therapy!! I think we all need a little scrap therapy every once and a while. Here's the perfect place to get some! The date for this retreat is February 26-28, 2010 (the last weekend in February) Oh, just think of the theme possibilities here! Any ideas of what's up my sleeve for this retreat? *wink*

And the theme for our annual retreat at the Festival Inn in Stratford:

Yep -- we'll be cookin' up some great scrapping at the Inn again this year! Please note. Easter and Scrapfest are late this year so I changed the date of this retreat. It will be held MARCH 26-28, 2010. After March Break and before Easter -- Good Times! Hope you can jon us!!

Online Registration is OPEN. and the Early Bird Rate is in effect.
Oh happy days!!!


Mindy said...

I'm thinking a little Freud is in order for the Nott... but I still like my suggestion of... "so you think you can scrap?"

Good themes, Karen! And regardless of themes, your retreats always rock!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!
I better start putting away some $ for Stratford!!

Karen Ellis said...

LOL Mindy. Thanks!
Freud??? Oh dear -- not where my mind went. :)

*wink*, Kelly!!