Sunday, September 27, 2009


Happy Sunday Everyone!

The kid and I spent the day at the Pinery Flea Market and "antiquing" at some of our favourite local haunts.... At one of our stops I stumbled on an eye-popping, mouthwatering collection of vintage photos, postcards and ephemera. OMG.... I was in heaven. The store clerk saw my mouth drop and promptly got me a stool. LOL... can you picture it?

I picked up some AMAZING little postcard gems circa 1910, 1902..... It was so hard to choose. When I get home I will scan some of them to show you. You'll be tickled pink. I'm coming back to the trailer on the long weekend.... three guesses where I am going (first two don't count). eeek!! Can't wait to play! I have a million crafty ideas floating through me head. hehehehehehe. This is the start of a beautiful obsession!

While we were out and about I also picked up some fun buttons and broaches that I plan to make molds from so that I can create some great 3D wax and/or UTEE embellishments. I also found some great itty bitty pewter figurines that I can mold or use in my art. and do you see in the picture to the left... one of the shops even had a cool unused wood-mount stamp with a vintage vignette on it that just had to come home with me. The kid found some books she wanted and some vintage comics that caught her eye. Yep, a great day had by all!


Mindy said...

How do you find all this stuff??!!

Karen Ellis said...

It's a gift!! LOL... :)

Kelly said...

very cool. I can't wait to see the interesting art you create with these :)