Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Public Domain Images and a "Spooky" Sneak Peak..

Yes, I have been in a spooky, creative mode today!
Here is a sneak peek of what I have done. It's a sneak partially because it's not "quite" done and well, it's my project for the dollar store club and I can't let the cat (or bat as it seems) out of the bag just yet. This month's assignment was to create something for Halloween. I tried a little something on the weekend that didn't work out (dollar store clay isn't good-- just in case you were wondering *wink*) and started this little baby this afternoon. Whatcha think so far? Isn't she pretty??

This costumed vintage lady is a fabulous royalty free image I snagged from the Graphics Fairy Blog. If you are at all interested in mixed media or altered art and love fun vintage images OR -- are a scrapbooker who likes heritage items.... you should really bookmark this blog. It's one of my "go to" places for fun images.

Like historical photography?? Check this out: and Old Photo Blog! This week is all about hunting... but if you are not into the "kill", check out the left side bar for some fabulous image categories. They are spectacular. Just a little warning on this site and others as you are browsing the internet: not all photos can be saved, copied or used in your artwork (especially if you are going to sell something at craft shows, etc) Look for "royalty free" or "public domain" images... there are tons. This site has many free-to-use images... but some aren't. They're just for our enjoyment and inspiration.

I'd like to extend a challenge.
I'd love it if you would create something with an image you find on-line. Send the image to me by email and I will share it with my readers in another post at a later date. I'd love to see what you do with the images. Be sure to let me know where you got the image. We must link the site and share it with the world!

ALSO.... Please feel free to send me the links to any other royalty free photo blogs. I've love to take a peek!

Happy browsing everyone!!


Ladybing said...

so is this an altered umbrella???

Karen Ellis said...

No.... it's not but I am curious why you thought umbrella :)

It is a dollar store item. But not an umbrella.