Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello Blog Readers!!
I am sitting in the Ballroom of the Mariott Hotel in Brampton .... and just heard Stacy Julian speak at the OPW Retailer event. How lovely... its been a fabulous day so far. Seen lots of my Go Scrapping Retail Sponsors, met some fabulous other retailers and have had the opportunity to see and play with some new products from lots of great companies!! Gotta Love it.

I really enjoy going to these events. They are an opportunity to rejuvenate and be inspired!! Got lots of ideas to bring to the crops and retreat and the studio too!! Stacy talked, conveniently enough about creativity, inspiration and the like - how timely, huh??

Anyway.. I better go, lots more to see and do. I will post some pictures later.

Happy Creating!!

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jenn said...

Sounds exciting!!!!!!