Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Barrie Crop Classes and a work in progress.....

Hello "Go Peeps"!

Just thought I would post a couple of pictures... pictures of the two classes being offered at the Barrie Crop this Saturday!! (Only a few tickets remain.... let us know asap if you would like to join us!!)

Here is the Full View of the Composition Book that I will be doing with 5 lucky ladies at the crop. (yes, the space is limited to 5 people as we will be sharing one pot of Beeswax, sorry ladies... first come, first serve.... )

So, as you might have gathered, we will be using melted Beeswax to "finish" this project... and we will be stamping with foam and acrylic stamps, and using perfect pearls .... fun fun fun. Class fee: $15 ... Here's the book:

and Diana from Scraps of Joy will be offering this beautiful single page layout - The Cost of this class in which you will learn and do some great paper layering and stamping is $12.00

Looking forward to the crop!! Scraps of Joy and In A Pinch Designs will be there selling their product and kits and I will be there with "bells" on hosting this fabulous group of ladies! Can't wait!!

Now...for the Work in Progress......

I am currently doing a little spring tidy and re-organising in the Studio! I can't tell you how satisfying that is!! :)

Anyway, as part of my "spring thing", I am creating new Window Canvases to replace the ones I have had hanging in my windows since I opened last fall. This , as the title suggests, is a work in progress....but.... I thought I would share it with you. So you could "see" my creative "process" .....so to speak :) Here goes nothing :)
I purchased four 18"x24" canvases from my local art store (cause I don't sell these yet :) ) and gave them a good colour wash. (blue and yellow wash to get various shades of green, blue and yellow throughout) Then I wrote - yes, wrote - messages all over them with a black pastel and then gave it a good white wash to "tone it down". love "washing" ... with paint anyway! hehe
After I painted the background... I went online to my favourite stock photo site where a had a few credits to use :) There I downloaded some fabulous silhouettes. I printed them off my computer in pieces as I wanted silhouettes that were bigger then 12" and I didn't have any poster paper here at the time. This worked well though. I cut the silhouette shapes out and now they are ready to use..... Stay tuned for some masking ..... I will post pictures when that is done.
I will be attending a wholesalers Retailer Event Thursday and Friday and will be going to the BARRIE DAY CROP Saturday...of course!! Sorry for any inconvenience this holds. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and again next week. I will blog about the event... I promise :)