Friday, December 02, 2011

Totally Inspired Art....

I fell in LOVE with this on Pinterest. I'm not sure who originally "pinned them" (I would love to give them the credit) but I had to share. I'm totally inspired!! So inspired in fact that this is what I am planning to try tonight on my
(tonight at 6:30 pm EST)
Please join me tonight by clicking the above link, signing into the CHAT so I can see your posts and questions (and so I don't think I'm talking to myself! LOL) and lets create it together.

If you'd like to try it with me (bloopers and all), you will need -- CRAYONS, canvas panel (any size you like), glue gun and glue and an heat gun.
I'm still not sure how I will do the silhouette... I have some stamps I might use, but I may also cut some out. Google "Silhouette People" IMAGES print out your favourites - there are so many to choose from. I might even paper mache an umbrella....hummmm... This is going to be fun!
Hope to see you tonight!

Have a creative day!

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