Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Must be the weather....

I'm feeling the need to work with wool of all kinds!
See what I created on Saturday? Yes!! Wouldn't Donna Downey be so proud! (Poppies AND me sewing!) *smile*

Yes, I will very freely tell you that this was directly inspired by something else I saw on Pinterest (LOVE that pinterest) so if you follow my boards, this will look very familiar (originally posted by L Kluver-- it's a Poppy Fields Pillow: by OutonaLimbDesign)! ..It's all good! Also good? The fact I christened my Felting Machine - Finally! Oh why, oh why, did I wait this long? LOVE needle felting and now I an see myself doing bigger projects too. Although I used my machine, you can easily do this with the clover needle felters -- the 5 Needle Felting Tool would be perfect!!

This will look Fabulous in my living room!! On the couch under my Poppy Field Painting. (hehehe) Might have to make another one!

Have a creative day everyone!

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Trish said...

Very cool! Love it.