Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Crocheting up a storm...

See? I told you I've been working with wool! LOL
Here are two things I made this week -- A Headband and Hat... and more of those fabby crocheted flowers too! ...just cause I love them!

I'm on a roll!!
Some people have come in to the studio while I've been crocheting.... and a request was made. -
PLEASE teach a class on how to crochet small hearts and flower embellishments using baker's twine (I'll share with you the project that inspired that tomorrow...) sooooo Yes, there is a class in the works. I'll post it here when I'm done and you can let me know when you'd like to come in and learn how to make them.

back to the yarn..... and twine..... *smile*


Trish said...

Love all of your creations! Awesome.

MaryAnn said...

wonderful crochet flowers and love that hat too!