Monday, January 18, 2010

It's almost midnight and officially Tuesday ... Ask Karen day.

I didn't think you'd mind if I posted this an hour early ... I will be SUPER busy in the studio tomorrow getting things put back together. For those who don't know -- I am renovating the retail section of the studio. New slat wall is up, a new demo table has been built... it's all done but the cleaning and the sorting so I will be in rather early to get it ready for an 11:30am opening. Lots to do... so exciting!

Anyway, without further ado... here is this week's Ask Karen (re-printed word for word from an email I received last week)

Dear Ask Karen
I LOVE 3-in-1 Glue! But I'm a bit of a clutz... how do I get it off my clothes?

Sticky in Kitchener

p.s. seriously.. if you have a solution, I need to know. I dipped my boob into a glue bottle today and now I have a glue nipple! :)

Okay... So, after I laughed my head off - I sent her a response.
3 in 1 Glue from Beacon is a FABULOUS glue but once it's dry -- it's waterproof and not coming off in the wash. So... clean off any glue mishaps BEFORE it dries because if you wait you will have permanent glue spots.

Some of the great things about 3 in 1 Glue:
  • its waterproof (I use it for all my crafting and quick fix needs - indoor and outdoor)
  • it adheres buttons, metal, and all your embellishments beautifully
  • a little goes a long way and doesn't warp your paper
  • it doesn't leave a watermark on your ribbons
  • it dries perfectly clear and as a result can be used to adhere clear objects like acrylic and transparencies...
  • Works on Grungeboard & canvas
  • A great fabric glue
  • can be used as a 3D epoxy.
  • fast grab and dries quickly
  • is acid free
  • A great price - 4oz for $5.99 (buy 2 for $10)

I LOVE 3 in 1 too, Sticky in Kitchener.... Just be a little more careful where you put it! *wink*


Rosanne said...

Funny e-mail Karen! I love that glue too! Can't wait to see your renos!

Diane said...

I love this glue too. I had a bottle for awhile before opening and it is really thick. I find I have to squeeze the bottle very hard to get it to come out of the bottle. Is that normal? I like the fine nib and don't want to cut it to make it bigger.