Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I received an award!

... Thank you Amanda. I am honoured that you gave me a blog award! I've never received one of these before. I'm thrilled you thought enough of the blog to award it!! But... now I have homework - hehe - as this award comes with the following responsibilities (so I read):

1. I must thank the person who bestowed this honor upon me. (Thanks again Amanda)
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog. (check)
3. Link to the bestower’s site Pieces of Me
4. List seven interesting things about myself :
  • I was once a professional clown (yes, I know... hard to believe LOL) I ran my own business while I was in high school - worked private parties and events by the city (Barrie)
  • Marge Simpson inspired me to become a Realtor ... if she could do it! So could I! (it's scary but true! hehe) I did that for 3 years (right out of university) but resigned because of my young daughter and my family commitments.
  • I have a "fake face" - I had facial reconstruction surgery when I was 14... I still don't have all the feeling in my chin - so please let me know if there's anything on it, k? :)
  • I never took an art class in my life ... not even in highschool
  • I'm married to a man who loves to be called 'Adorkable"
  • I've tossed a caber and hurled a hagis.... among other things
  • and there was a time that I not only spoke English and French... but also Klingon: HIja'!!!

okay... now you all know I'm a geek!! LOL But I have FUN!!

5. Nominate seven bloggers that I find beautiful:
I love reading blogs! I regularly read designer & industry blogs (that are fabulous!!) BUT, I also have some fabulous people who join me in the studio, at my events and classes who also have blogs I read regularly - and they are beautiful for many reasons.... These blogs include:
  • Rosanne - very inspiring... the challenges, the cooking, the projects.
  • Mindy - I still think about your Christmas Poem!! *wink* - funny funny
  • Sheri - My queen.... can't wait until school is over to see more of your creations!
  • Sheri's husband Darrin... OMG Scrubbie you slay me!
  • Judy -- lovin' the Tags you did for Christmas gifts, Judy!
  • Michelle - another talented lady... I sneak over here to keep up to date :)
  • Jeannie -- A new blogger who makes me laugh. Keep 'em coming Jeannie!

Thanks again Amanda..... :)


Rosanne said...

Hey Karen!Thanks so much for the award and the sweet comments!

aprilrhyno said...

Thanks so much for playing along, I loved reading your answers! Not one art class? Ever?? WOW!

Jeannie said...

Thanks for the award Karen ... blogging does have its challenges. You were a clown?! That's pretty cool. Your "fake face" is beautiful! And I would so totally tell you if something was on your chin ... at least I think I would.