Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ASK KAREN - Binding with a Mitre Edge

Hello Bloggers... It's Tuesday and ASK KAREN is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I had a call this week from a lady who took one of my mini book classes at a retreat last fall. At this class I showed the ladies how I cover my chipboard books so that they have a mitred edge. I talked her through it on the phone.... but I thought I would post it here too ... for easy reference.
I will label all the ASK KAREN blog posts -- you can find them by clicking the ASK KAREN search link found one the right sidebar -- just scroll down to find it.

So, without further ado... Here is my way of getting a mitred corner when you cover your mini books. Have fun!!!


Diane said...

Gotta tell you Karen...it worked perfectly--a mitred edge I'm proud to have completed. But gee...calling me a 'lady' is a bit extreme! LOL

Karen Ellis said...

LOL..... You make me laugh!
Glad it worked for you!

Mindy said...

Hurray for this being online! Now when i can't remember which way to cut, I don't have to ask.. only click!!

Carmi said...

Even though I am not at home...I have the urge to cover a book! Great demo!

Artyjen said...

Thanks for the tute!