Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Dog Gone Good Day :)

It was a big Dog Day!!

For those of you who don't know, my family and I adopted a 7 month old poodle puppy in January - His name is Mozart.

I made an appointment for visit to see the vet for heart worm testing and preventative flee stuff. The vet?? One of my oldest and dearest high school friends, Dr. Leanna :)

The "scruff-miester" wasn't quite sure what to think about the new smells and sounds of the clinic (too many other dogs and cats I suppose) and was a little nervous to start off but he quickly warmed up to Dr Leanna and took his vaccination needles and blood work like a trooper!! Way to go Mo! Thanks for being so great with him, Lea!!

I had to go to the studio after the Vet's... no surprise there :) So Mo had a visit and play with his friends next door at the Dog Groomers.

Stephen owns Bark Avenue Dog Grooming. The shop is located RIGHT BESIDE my studio on Lancaster Street. He and Roz have been fabulous with us -- but then again ... I should hope so.. It's because of them that Mozart came to live with us :) (hehe) It has been great!!! There are 7 dogs between them and they not only groom dogs, they show them and Roz is also a trainer. Handy... isn't it :) The wealth of knowledge!!

So -- Mozart was getting pretty scruffy. He was groomed last month but WOW his hair grows quick! Stephen had a few minutes and was kind enough to groom him for us. Now I have my handsome boy back!! Yippee!!

Stephen does a great job -- hand snips the pooches!! Gotta like that. I love going over to the shop to watch the dogs get all dolled up. It's not typically a good idea for the owner to be around while their dog is being groomed but Mo is so comfortable there that he didn't mind at all -- which is really cool! How do you think he turned out? :
There's the princely pooch that I know and love :)

Bark Avenue grooms all kinds of dogs. I highly recommend them!! Just think, you can drop your dog off at the "spaw" (hehe) and come next door for some creative fun for you too!

Bark Avenue Dog Grooming: 519-568-8555

Speaking of Creative Fun...
I created a layout for a Birthday Party I am hosting on Sunday afternoon at the studio. A dance themed layout for twelve 11 year old girls!... here's a sneak :) Looking forward to seeing the girls!! You know how much I love a party!!!


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