Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boxes and Boxes of Product... oh my!!

Good Morning blog readers!!
Still here in the states... a little pooped from the drive to Grand Rapids and back yesterday but it was so worth it!

I took my daughter along for the ride (which was good) so we both had the opportunity to meet Kelly - my sales rep at Notions Marketing. What a fabulous gal. I love doing business with her and I hope that she isn't too sick of me yet! :) I have done quite a bit of "putsing" around with my orders lately getting ready for Scrapfest - trying to stock my messy bits that people can see, learn about and buy. Thanks for all your help Kelly! It's very appreciated!

Kelly gave us a little tour of the warehouse. OMG we were in one of three warehouses that they ship from and my eyes were just popping out with all there was to see! Packing stations upon packing stations all done via conveyor belt each person with a specific job and boxes moving around everywhere. So hard to believe they can keep it all straight -- yet I have never had an order arrive incorrectly! Boggles the mind. Row after row of product all bursting to the rim ready to fill orders. wowsers! *singing* "I'm in heaven... crafter's heaven..." It's a good thing that they are not set up for shopping in the warehouse. My credit card would have been in a lot of trouble let me tell you!!!

So far it's been a good trip -- now, I hope the border people are in a good mood :) hehe

Okay, so, where are we at?? Oh yeah ... 6 days until Scrapfest (7 days until the marketplace opens to everyone!!!!) Crunch time people!! :)

Here is another peek at what the Go Scrapping Studio "class area" will be offering next Saturday... Etching with a new product from QuicKuts taught by the gals from the Scrapping Turtle (St. Jacobs).

Aren't these glasses cute?? This will be a longer make n take (approx 40 mins) because of the etching process but I am really excited to see them create these with you. Looks like fun!

Keep posted on the blog for more Scrapfest peeks... I am getting the booth together this weekend and will post highlights too!

See you soon!!!!

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