Saturday, October 11, 2008

So, I just had to share.
I actually laughed out loud after reading a post on the message board yesterday.
"Betty Crocker" asked about dressing up for the Blue Mountain Retreat -- you know, getting into the whole Vegas Theme.

She said:
A can-can outfit doesn't cut it with me....I need a wee more fabric than 2 shells and a feather !!!!

Oh my goodness, I couldn't contain myself!

So, on that note... I haven't "officially" announced anything about getting dressed-up but if you'd like to I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE IT!! Here was my response.. a list of some ideas.
- a dealer.... (a card one only please Unless its adhesives HAHA)
- An entertainer with paparazzi aka friends (did I spell that right?)
- Then there are your Vegas staples -- Celine, Elvis, Wayne Newton... more recently Bette
- A drink/cigarette girl
- How about a deck of cards?? hehehe

A ballot will be given out to everyone who "gets in the spirit" and dresses up on the Friday Night -- a ballot for an extra door prize.

What are you coming to Blue as?? OR Any other Vegas Themed Dress-up ideas that require a wee more fabric than 2 shells and a feather !!!???

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