Sunday, October 19, 2008

A big bummer...
I dragged my camera all over the place yesterday (it's 7am Sunday morning now) and I realized as I sat down to blog for you... I didn't take a single photo! What's up with that??? ....and I call myself a scrapbooker! *shaking head in shame* :) I promise to make up for it today!!!

It was another full class in the interactive studio -- and such a great group of women. It's always a pleasure to teach in this environment and thank you Lisa (from Scrapfest) for allowing me to tag along all weekend. I have truly enjoyed it!

We all went to the CreativFesival Gala last night -- by "we all" I mean I shared a table with my Scrapfest cohorts Lisa and Sandra (of course) but also Catherine from Scrapbook and Cards Today, Alessandra from Stix2, Trisha Ladoceur, and two ladies from Westcott - Celin and (oh, I hope I get this right) Barb. It was lovely sharing a meal with you ladies and I enjoyed the conversation and the "laughs". hehe -- "The foot" will getcha every time - right Catherine?? :) Anyway, I'd love to show you our precious "mugs" but, yep, not one picture.. geesh, I'm slacking!!

Well, I am off to the hotel pool for a little swim :)
then it's back to the show floor for one more "kick at the can". I hear we have sold out for today's workshop now too. That is so exciting!!! I'm thrilled to be a part of it all!

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