Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've been tagged!!


A=Available - Nope.. got my hubby and he would kill me if I said yes! :)
B=Best Friend - Oh dear.. this could be trouble :) I'd say Sheri
C=Cake or pie - Depends on the flavour! Both!
D=Drink of choice - right now... Cranberry and Orange Juice Mix
E=Essential item you use everyday - My toothbrush -- Oh yeah
F=Favourite color - teals and greens
G=Gummy bears or worms - Bears, definately
H=Hometown - Barrie, ON
I= Indulgences - Anything scrapbook related... and "chippies"!
J= January or February - January. I so get the Feb Blahs
K=Kids and names - Rather not post name but I have one :)
L=Life is incomplete without - Family, for sure!
M=Marriage date - In August - Hopefully I will remember!
N=Number of siblings - 1 younger
O=Oranges or apples - Apples!
P=Phobias or Fears - Failure
Q=Favourite Quote - Marjorie wrote about one she liked when she was a teen -- It made me smile and think "I Must, I Must, I must increase my bust!" - Judy Bloom (Are you there God it's me Margaret)
R=Reason to smile - My kid!
S=Season - Summer! The trailer, warm weather and the beach
T=Tag 3 or 4 people - Sheri,Judy, Jenn
U=Unknown fact about me - One eye is bigger than the other
V=Vegetable you don't like - Brussel sprouts -- Here! Here!
W= Worst habit - Cancer Sticks... yep I admit it - must quit
X=X-rays - Of my thick skull :) My middle finger :)
Y=Your favorite food - Anything I do not have to make!
Z= Zodiac Sign - Libra

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Gaspegirl said...

At least it got you bloggin' again! Great to get to know you better!