Thursday, January 18, 2007

Message Board Laughs

I love the ladies on the Go Scrapping Message Board!! They are too funny.
The January 17 QOTD was posted by savvyshare and it put a smile on my face all day so... I had to Scrap it.

The Question read: Welcome to Sesame Street! For some bizarre reason you have just moved into the neighbourhood -- you need a roommate though. Which resident of Sesame Street do you shack up with and why?

The responses were out of this world!! Here are a few:
- Cookie Monster would be cool, but the crumbs! And - does he share??? "
- "GROVER rocks my world....and he's a superhero. Sweeeeet."
- "Well, since I already live with "Oscar the Grouch", i would like someone happier like "Big Bird"!!!"

... Then there was my response:
"I guess I will say "The Count". Why?? What can I say? I am into math geeks!!"

I enjoyed this QOTD so much I called my Math Geek at work to make his day.
Thanks for the Layout Inspiration Guys! ... you and CK Mag. :)

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