Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day 13

Charleston, South Carolina
We spent the entire day in and around Charleston. How fabulous!
We started the day off by going to Boone Hall Plantation. I found it on the internet a while back and am I ever glad I did. I mentioned in another post that I used to have dreams about this area spurred on by books and yes, even movies. I think that I have seen every Civil War movie out there. Back in the 80s I loved a "little" 12 part Mini Series called North and South starring (among many) Patrick Swayze. I must have seen this mini series 6 times if I have seen it once because I used to always rent it too. Well... As it turns out, Boone Hall Plantation was the backdrop of the movie -- Ory Main's home (Patrick Swayze's Character). I recognized it as soon as I pulled up to it. I got goose bumps.. And when my suspicions were confirmed I practically giggled with glee! Who knew?!!

The Boone Hall is the oldest working plantation in the State. They have guided tours of the site, the main house and of "Slave street". There are 9 original brick slave "cabins" dating from 1790-1810 on site (there had previously been 27). These cabins housed the slaves working in the main house, kitchen areas and as drivers. They were not for field hands. Still, so tiny and housed approximately 12 people in each one (approximately two families in each cabin). 4 of the remaining buildings housed displays about Gullah culture and its history. The people working at Boone Hall were extremely knowledgeable about the history of the plantation (good and bad), some wore period clothing and they truly made it a wonderful experience to visit.

The house you see in pictures was built in 1936. Yes 1936. Apparently two Canadians came down to Charleston, bought the Plantation and didn't like the house that sat on it. They tore it down and re-built a new home in early colonial style (Adams Style). Go Figure. We were told however, that they spared no expense and even brought electricity to the area. They were the first home in the area to have it. They harnessed hydroelectric power from the river running adjacent to the property -- interesting. I could go on but I won't bore you here. Be sure to ask me sometime :) I will say that this was a fabulous experience, breathtaking and very educational. I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the area.

Now, Downtown Charleston -- what can I say? WOW! Pictures do not do it justice. We took a Carriage Tour of the historic district. Our Tour Guide, Myron, was fabulous. He pointed out things I never would have noticed walking around on my own. So glad we did this. DD & DH thoroughly enjoyed it as well although DH got more out of it. Our guide talked about the architecture, the history of the people who developed the area, talked about the effects of the earthquake and fires of the past as well as Hugo -- a what is here now and why kind of thing. Very cool. There are a couple of Carriage Companies in Charleston so I asked a few locals their opinion on the best one and every person I asked said the same tour company -- Palmetto Carriage (in the Red Barn. We certainly weren't disappointed!

Enjoy the pics.

...And the adventure continues...

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