Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lovely Knots - Chinese Knotting Cord Blog Hop

Hello everyone!
Today I am happy to be participating in a fun blog hop hosted by my friend, Carmi Cimicata, for Dazzle - It!

Carmi challenged us to work with Dazzle-It's new "Lovely Knots" Chinese Knotting Cord and book "Lovely Knots - an introduction to Chinese Knotting" by Fernando DaSilva.

Those who know me well are chuckling now...   they know that I'm not too patient with "knotty" things.  *smile*   But, here is what I created:  a necklace that uses 2  of the knots in Fernando DaSilva's  book.  YAY!

The "focal" knot is a variation of Fernando DaSilva's "Good Luck Knot".    This is one of those knots that looks complicated but if you break it down, follow the steps, you'll see it's actually quite easy to do.   Now, I must admit, I did have a little help.  My daughter is a Sea Cadet and knows her knots!   She did help me a bit with this. It was her that gave me the idea to pull the four smaller loops out a little more to make it a little more floral looking - like one of my flower doodles *smile*.  Love it!

The "chain" embellishment was created by threading beads and securing them with 2 "Button Knots"  on either side .

My tip here...   I found it easier to work with smaller loops than is showed in the book.   I still need to practice this, but I found it much easier to tighten the knot with smaller loops.  Made is less messy.  Otherwise, it's all good and I love how it turned out!  I think I might just wear it today! *smile*

Thanks Carmi, for the challenge.   I am always encouraging people to step out of their box - thanks for making me do the same!   I think I might have to try some more!!

Have a creative day everyone - Go ahead!   Try something new!!!

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Stampendous said...

This is so pretty, Karen! So glad you played along with us!