Friday, June 07, 2013

Looking for something to do on a rainy weekend?

I had a last minute class booked here at the studio for TOMORROW ...
Pastel Portraits and Still Life with PanPastel
I've had so many people comment on the PanPastel paintings I created that are hanging in the studio I felt it was high time for a class! YAY!

This is a lesson in “seeing” colour. If you look closely nothing is ever just “red” or “yellow” there are various shades and tints of numerous colours in play - a spectrum of colour if you will. *smile*. This “in studio” class will focus on the art of painting with PanPastel - colour placement and creating depth. Students will transfer their favourite portrait (or still life image) of their choice to an 8x10 stretched canvas and use the Sofft tools to colour it with pastels. So fun. You'll be amazed at how fabulous your picture will become just by paying attention to colour.
Techniques and ideas discussed in this class can be used to create your own painting in the future without the use of transfer images to guide you. Come give it a try and amaze yourself!!!

Supply List (included)

  • 2 colour copies of your Image (images should be simple - not too detailed. If you choose to create a still life painting over a portrait, may I suggest selecting an image of an oil painted still life. I find it a little easier to distinguish and replicate colour from an oil painting. Just a tip when choosing your image *wink*). Images should be printed copies from your home printer.
  • Regular Gel Medium - I use Golden (for the transfer)
  • Acrylic Grounds for Pastels - Golden
  • PanPastels (students will have access to the complete Pan Pastel colour palette but if you have your own, please bring to reduce sharing if you like)
  • Soft Pastels - I use Faber Castell
  • Pastel Pencils - I use Faber Castell
  • Sofft Tools (Bar Sponges, knives and applicators)
  • Spray Fixative (Krylon or Spectrafix)
In Studio12:30 - 3:30 Saturday June 8, 2013
Class Fee: $45 + HST (includes supplies listed including the 8x10 Canvas - bring your images)
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

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