Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Feeling a little "fishy" ? :)

Had a wonderful day Saturday painting on some BIG canvases with some pretty fabulous girls.  
Here is what I painted...  some fish!!   Go figure!! *smile*

This was part of the "Release" intuitive painting workshop I offer here in the studio.   I mentioned a couple of times throughout the day that I needed to remember to take some pics but I still managed not to snap a couple of pics of them working.  I suppose I also got "into" the painting!  I hope the girls forward me a pic or two of their finished pieces so that I can share with you *nudge nudge, wink wink*.

Spending this week sorting through a paper order I just picked up -- some Japanese papers!!!!   LOVE them!  Watch for them online soon.   UNTIL THEN....   all current in stock scrapbooking papers are on sale (need to make some room....just sayin!!!!)   Time to stock up? *smile*
Hope you had a creative day!

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