Sunday, April 22, 2012

Painting for the Love of it!

Words cannot describe my need to paint this week and I finally had the chance to put aside all the "business" things for a bit and just CREATE! Oh how I missed that.

Here is the fruit of that labour. Jen calls it my finger painting - teehee

Yes, I used my fingers for parts of it but if you look closely you will also see some template and pen work going on. Lots and lots of scrumptious layers. I was in my happy place.

I wish for you some creative play this week -- it's good for the soul!
Have a creative day everyone!


Tracey said...

YAY I didn't have to wait till Monday to see this BEAUTY!!!! OMG I LOVE this Karen I LOVE ALL those colours!....I am so going to CAS it:)So wish I had picked up one of those white Sharpie pens...that is what you used?

Karen Ellis said...

That is what I used.... I ship *smile* hehe
Glad you like the painting!