Saturday, April 28, 2012

From my inbox

Hello everyone!  Hope you're having a creative day!  
I am helping Alyssa Light in her booth at the CreativFestival today and Jen is in the studio -- Drop by and say hi!   Make sure to ask her lots of tough questions *wink*

I will be back in the studio this afternoon and I will be BROADCASTING TODAY on USTREAM.   I will post the time I start on Twitter and Facebook so you know but be sure to check the channel later this afternoon to see if I'm "on".  I have something I'm experimenting with -- a resin AND painting project...  and I would like to do another sample for the Coast to Coast show next weekend.   Hope you check it out!

Speaking of USTREAM broadcasts....   I received something in my inbox this week that I'd like to share with you.   This journal page was inspired by ....   well, can you guess?
 Yes, my USTREAM broadcast last week!  LOVE IT!!

This is what she wrote: "The other photos are of a spread in my art journal that was inspired by both you and Effy (another USTREAMER who watches my broadcasts too *smile*) ....  I know that my proportions are all wrong, but I still like it.  =) 

AND so you should, Athala!  It's fabulous.  I was marveling at your drawing --I saw your pictures before I read your comment and let me tell you that I loved the fact you drew the people...  and that they don't look like defunct manga experiments like mine would.  I used an old book, remember?  LOL  You are inspiring me!  I need to practice drawing people more --  CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for sharing!

Hope you're having a creative day everyone!!
See you this afternoon!!!

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