Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From my inbox

Trish sent me some photos of a Journal Page she worked on.  She mentioned it while we were broadcasting on USTREAM last Friday (April 20, 2012) so I thought I'd share it here too *smile*

Check these out...  fun Coffee Filter Flowers!  Here's what she wrote:
"I sprayed coffee filters with the Adirondack sprays I bought at your shop and made them into three different kinds of flowers. Then I made a mixed media background and adhered the flowers with the new PPA glue I bought from you at Scrapfest."

LOVE THESE!!!   So pretty and fine -- coffee filters are delicate like tissue paper.  Very Cool!
Thanks for sharing, Trish!  Stunning!

Have a creative day everyone!


Trish said...

Thanks so much Karen! You just made my day. :D

Karen Ellis said...

Happy to share! There are so many talented ladies out there, like you!, who need to be shared! thank you for sending me this! Love seeing what you create <3