Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I love my paintbrush!

I have been itching to paint since I got sick what seems like forever ago. Now that this silly flu is finally starting to leave my system .... and armed with some Donna Downey and Flora Bowley (whom I also love) inspiration, I enjoyed a little playtime yesterday!!!

There's No Place Like Home

Loved creating this.... see my Whimsical Houses Stencil from Crafter's Workshop? Yes, yes, yes.... *smile*

Hope you have a creative day.
And for those who don't follow Donna's Blog -- here's that inspiration (Click Here)

Can't wait until Donna comes here in May!!
Registrations for her classes at Mixed Minded are coming in... Hope you can join us!

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Claudine C. said...

This is a beautiful tag, I just love it!!