Thursday, March 15, 2012

Button Covered Beauties....

Carmi Cimicata, one of our instructors at Mixed Minded, posted a post on her Blog yesterday showcasing how she turned some fabric covered buttons into beads for a necklace. I thought it was an inspired idea!! (she has a picture tutorial on her blog so be sure to check it out)

We have the tools and the buttons to cover in the studio. We use them for our sewing projects and I've used them for the Kanzashi Flower centers ... but for a necklace? Yes, I had to make my own version of these.
How sweet, eh? Looks super cute on and took less than 10 mins to make! My kind of craft :) hehe
I used some fabric samples I had in the studio -- the first is fabric from SusieBee Designs (like the paper we have in stock) and the second.....

Hand Dyed Fabric from Alyssa Light - another teacher at Mixed Minded. Alyssa will be teaching how to dye your own fabrics in two different classes at the event. She gave me some samples to play with and I thought this would be a fabulous way to show them off! Beautiful!
Have a creative day everyone!!

Carmi and Alyssa's Classes at Mixed Minded

Buttons to cover in the online store - two sizes (I used Size 45)

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