Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Don't fall in love with your backgrounds.....

That's what I keep reminding myself and my students when we layer paint to create textural backgrounds.... AND ... just let it evolve.

Remember the background that I made with Janine last week (in the video)? Well, this is what I did with it after seeing Lisa Ferrante's (LOVE her work by the way...) article in the current issue of Somerset Studio that finally arrived last Thursday. Recognize it? yep -- Loved that painting and I just had to make one for myself and that background we made was PERFECT!! Note... I still added that crazy bird I've been dreaming about :) It was just used in a different way. It evolved thanks to the inspiration.

I LOVE the Somerset Magazines for inspiration. There are a couple of projects that I'd like to try in the current issue... hummmm... what to do next? :)

Happy creating everyone! Hope you had a GREAT WEEKEND!!


Janine said...

OMG!! Karen this is gorgeous!!!

I just posted my second attempt on my blog... Tell me what you think!!

Tracey said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Karen!!!!!! WOW oh WOW!!!!!

Wendy Gilbertson said...

This is stunning, absolutely stunning!!!