Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look who we have here :)

Yes that would be me and the ever sweet Claudine Hellmuth and Candie Cooper! The photo was taken last week at CHA Summer. Love these gals. They're both as super kind as they are talented!!

Claudine is launching some fun stuff at CHA -- All her studio paints and mediums are going to be available in "try me" collection packs. OMG.... you know how much I love her "Studio Line" and that I need more like a gallon of her paints and mediums to use in my own artwork. Well, now it is super accessible to everyone .... even the "try me" painters out there *smile* AND the little bottles they come in help make perfect little paint dots. heheheheh... Love that!! Can't WAIT to get them in! I have some fun technique ideas that I will be using them with and I hope you like! *smile*
She is also launching a NEW BLACK GESSO that she tells me will also double for a chalkboard paint!! How cool is that!!!!!
Candie is a fabulous talent --- she has authored a couple of fun books. One on felted jewelry and the other with wire and metal jewelry that is just coming out.

I'd like to get her here to teach a few classes one weekend this fall... anyone interested? *smile*

Hope you're having a creative day!


claudine hellmuth said...

so great to see you karen!!!

Candie Cooper said...

Karen!! Will I see you in Cali?!? XOXO.