Saturday, July 23, 2011

And I'm off again....

Today is a big day for my family.

Right now, I am heading to Uxbridge, ON because this weekend the Durham Highland Games is dedicating the Heavy Events Competition in honour of my father who passed away earlier this year. My dad was part of Highland Games all over Canada and the US for 45 years (for the past 33 years I have worked along side him) SO.... this may get emotional. :)

See the necklace I'm wearing? I made this out of one of my dad's old Nova Scotia Tartan ties (our tartan) and adorned the centre of the flower with one of his heavy events pewter pins (in this case a weight for distance thrower). There are a couple of chains there even though they are a little hard to see.... but I think you get the idea.

How'd I make the flower ? You'll have to wait and see :)

After the dedication, Kevin and I are off to Barrie as my sister is getting married today too! Seeeeeee!!! Told you it was quite the day :) I wish her and her new hubby, Mark, every happiness.

See you all back in the studio soon. I have LOTS to do -- if you see lights on when you drive by the studio before Wednesday, drop on by.... I'm there working :)

AND Don't forget Jen is in the studio today too..... And there is a stamp sale on :)
toodles all... :) I'm outa here :)


Linda Pilgrim said...

Condolences on losing your Dad. That is a beautiful picture of you, and a fantastic necklace. You can be sure he is with you.

Janine said...

Karen - You look fabulous and I hope the day is a beautiful one!!

Rosanne said...

A gorgeous picture of you! And so nice of them to dedicate the event to your Dad. And the necklace is a wonderful way to keep a bit of your Dad with you. I hope it was a beautiful day for you and your family!

Laura Haviland said...

That is truly a beautiful picture of you stunning Karen.Wow !!! What a babe...
The necklace touches my heart, what a treasure you have created.I love would your Daddy..What a lovely man, so glad to have met him.
I hope your special day was fabulous. Hugs to you. Laura.xoxo