Friday, May 20, 2011

Miss you Wendy!

Wendy is leaving us to move back to Alberta. We are going to miss her smiling face and oodles of hugs. A couple of the gals wanted to have a little send off for her at the studio. I was happy to offer up the place for the occassion. Even though we'll miss her I KNOW she'll still be a big part of this studio via Skype! *smile*

HUGS Wendy!! We'll miss ya! See you online and for visits too!! We'll hold you to it!

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Wendy Gilbertson said...

Thank you Karen and Dee for hosting this little get together, it means a lot to me! I'm going to miss all of you here in KW. Thanks to you guys I'm no longer a scrap booking/mixed media virgin, yeah!!!! I'm looking forward to skyping on a regular basis and hoping that I can craft with you as much as I used to Karen! Friday nights? Hell ya, just set me up on your shelf and I'll be a part of your evening, with pleasure!!!!!! I'm counting on you guys to keep me up to date with the newest trends and happenings in KW. I'll be back for Scrapfest and Mixed Minded next year, if not before!!!!! I love you guys!