Friday, May 13, 2011

OMG -- Blogger was DOWN!!!

and I couldn't post some of the fabulous things we have been doing here at Donna Downey's Inspired event. ....But is looks like I'm back on track and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

I have met so many WONDERFUL, CREATIVE people this weekend and my juices are flowing!!! My mind hasn't stopped just thinking of all the possibilities and all the things that I can bring back and share with you! Whoot!!! ....I digress :)

I have to show you a little something I made in my room the first night - a Zipper and Felt Necklace (that I just LOVE!!) The quilting store that is here as a vendor has liked that I did this!!.... they've sold a lot of fuzzy balls and zippers this week! LOL Can't wait to do this with you too -- I see class in the studio!!***there are a million pictures of me wearing this out there... if you are reading this and you have one taken at the event -- please send it to me :) ****
Also -- for those who were at Donna's Workshops in Kitchener that we hosted ... you might find this cute! Donna was facinated that Stampin Up has Bison stamps -- this spurred a rip roaring conversation that took many turns and more than a few giggles. Anyway ... Regan popped by the studio last week to give me something to give to Donna. Yep, you guessed it ... a felted Bison!! OMG... Let's just say everyone here has heard about the crazy Canadians and their Bisons! hehehehehhe REGAN - thank you she LOVED it!! These are for you!!

Off to lunch --- I'll post more soon!
Karen xoxo


Regan said...

lol..a bison bird...sweet
love the necklace!!

Laura Haviland said...

Love the necklace and I saw the bison in person. hahaha
Oh don't you just adore that Dazzling Donna, she is so awesome.
I was so thrilled to have the chance to see her in person.
You and Donna make me smile huge..two artful treasure's.