Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember This? (Video) *Updated*

These were some of the backgrounds that the girls in the Technique of the Month Club created this month. We had so much fun inking and spraying!!

Well, I mentioned in one of my comments in the earlier post that I would make a video on how I do this. So..... here it is.

Grab a coffee (it's 10 mins) and enjoy!!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Oh... and FYI -- Here is the background paper that I made in the Video!! :)

and here is a card that I created using it.....

Can you see the possibilities?

****** Since I posted this*********
I am very honoured that Jaime at Crafter's Workshop liked my video and POSTED IT on their Company Website! THANK YOU JAIME! You honour me!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to know "why" I had purchased the crafter's workshop templates and found your video assuring me that I had done a wonderful thing!:) I cannot wait to get some supplies and play. However, is there a way to dry the gesso or do you have to leave it overnight?? and what is the paste you used, how long does it take to dry before moving to a next step?

Thank you for the wonderful encouragement and inspiration. Clelie

Karen Ellis said...

I'm so glad you liked and were inspired by the video...
To dry the gesso -- just take a heat gun (or hair dryer) and dry it. It doesn't take long that way at all -- just a minute or so.

The paste I used was Golden's Light Molding Paste. There are other embossing pastes on the market as well, I just love how this one reacts with the colorwashes. The "Bleeding Though" can take a bit. You'll start seeing it work after a few minutes but you'll get the full effect with overnight curring.
It will dry fairly fast -- you can also hurry that up with a dryer. I do that as the last step.

Have fun!!!! Drop my a line and let me know how it goes!! Pictures too! :)


Sandra L. said...

Karen, I love stencils, but I have tried using them with other sprays, such as Glimmer Mists, and the spray always runs under the stencil and all over the darned place! Someone suggested my stencils were warped, maybe, or a cheap brand (I got them at a craft store).

Any advice on how to avoid this leakage?


Teresa said...

I loved watching you work. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Lawrence said...

Wonderful instructional video....keep them coming. I have a questional.... does the perfect pearls on the quotes have to be sealed with anything to set it and prevent it from rubbing off? Can't wait to receive my stencils and try this out. Looking forward to your answer.
Thanks Karen
Karen Lawrence

Lillian Mederak said...

Karen YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!
Loved your video...keep them coming
I will share it on my group..
and the background is FABULOUS
you know im addicted to stencils
I see more i have to buy !!

Karen Ellis said...

So glad you like girls!!
Karen -- I don't typically seal it. Perfect Pearls has an additive in it that reacts with water to help it "stick". Not like other mica powders on the market. If you're worried about it -- or know that there will be a lot of "hands" on it -- give it a little spray of Krylon's Workable Fixitif. That will do the trick!