Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Getting Waxy Again...

The best part of my job is that I can switch back and forth between mediums and play. Case in point - from Felting one day to wax another *smile* Truth be told, it was actually completed the other way around but, who's counting right? hehe

While at the Nottawasaga Retreat I had a chance to play -- and play I did!!!
I wanted to try out a couple of products I received in the studio from VIVA DECOR - specifically their Embossing Cream and Inka Gold
You may have seen (and used) Inka Gold in the studio before. It's a fast Drying "metallic" paint that goes on like a polish. It's great to use on anything porous -- I think it gives a satin -like finish. The more you "buff" it, the shinier it becomes. It's very easy to use and apply. I used the red colour and buffed it all over the wood canvas to give this project it's base colour.

Since all of VIVA DECOR's products are water based acrylic.... I new I'd be able to emboss over the Inka Gold
Viva Decor Embossing Cream is easy to stencil and will grow to a 3D shape when heated with a heat-gun. So very cool!! The gold parts of my Geisha Canvas were created with it. I stenciled it over a Crafter's Workshop Template I had in stock.

This was totally fun -- just don't touch it while it's cooling (just after you heat it) -- you might get a finger mark in it. .....don't ask me how I know :)

Next came the wax -- love how it just finished it off! Note: Special thanks to Carmi who sent me some DOVE OF THE EAST papers to make some fun Asian Lanterns and embellies for the retreat... this picture came from that paper set. I just applied to directly to the canvas cause I loved it sooooo much. Hope you like too!

... hummmm, what am I going to play with today? *smile*

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Myra said...

Beautiful canvas!