Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tea-ful Voyage

I got the chance to create something yesterday during and after I held an Isabella Canvas class here in the studio. I will show you what I created during the class (using the same background layering techniques) but this is what I created later at home after the girls inspired.

We were talking about Tim Holtz Design Team and how after one term the team is unfortunately ending. After the shock of it disbanding wore off, I told them about one project that was created by one of the design team members using the Darcie's Shadow Box Frames. I told them how easy it was to create and how effective it is and then the wheels started turning. Sorry Tim, I took out my Character Constructions Stamps *smile*, one of the Darcies frames (There are 6 shapes to choose from here in the studio and for under $10, they'd make a great gift ...just sayin' *smile*), some alcohol inks, sticky back canvas and set to work. I love it and all the possibles!!!!

I know pictures don't ever do things justice but I hope you can see that the words are IN the shadow box and the image is stamped on the clear acrylic above it.
Here is a link to the other project. Tammy Tutterow As you can see, although we are using the same base supplies, they are quite different. I'll have another project to make with these soon that is different again .... until then -
Have a creative day!!


charlotte said...

Ohhhhhhh such a great gift idea! I love the little shadowbox idea. The character stamps are too much fun. I can't believe you created this after the workshop! Hope to see the "live" version soon ;). Thanks for posting this.

Tolegranny said...

I love the shadowbox Karen. It's awesome as usual.

Effy said...

I freaking LOVE these frames. How did I miss these when I was in today? *headdesk*

I need a job, just so I can shop at your place. :)