Friday, November 26, 2010

Studio Assistant Dies are Here!!

And I couldn't be happier!!
These are dies that cut popular Character Construction Stamp Images eliminating all the exacto knife work needed when cutting out all those Art Doll parts. Yes, there are miscellaneous body parts hanging here in the studio! hehe Dexter has nothing on me! LOL

Anyway, these make life sooooo much easier!! Yes, you could use these dies on there own without the stamps (I used the Crinoline one on its own for the Isabella Canvas) but there are so many more possibilities when you use them with the fabulous stamps. Here's how they work.
  • Using a scrap piece of paper, cut the image using your Big Shot (or other die cutting machine) like so. You can set your die cut image aside for use in another project -- so don't throw it out :)
  • Using the coordinating Character Constructions Stamp, stamp your image on the paper you wish to use with your favourite ink

  • Line up and center your die cut outline (previously cut) on top of the image you just stamped. Tape in place with Scotch Tape
  • Then take the Studio Assistant Die, invert it and line it up with the original outline. The outline is acting as a guide. Tape it down to prevent slipping.

  • Run it through your Big Shot Machine (sold in the studio for only $90 btw... hehe) once again
  • And when you're done.... VOILA!!! Go ahead - remove the die cut, use and enjoy!
How awesome is that???
Just think of the Possibilities!!!!
These cost $22.50 CDN and the stamps are $19.50 CDN. I am happy to ship these to you if you like - exact shipping or free shipping over $100.........
Have a Creative Day!!

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